About London Projects


London projects is a privately owned fashion and accessories company dedicated to offering the highest quality fashion and accessories to their Australian and international clientelle.

In house designers Valda June and Carlo Brievo bring together a combined 60 years experience to London Projects four labels; Bojangles, Domani, Icing Sugar Accessories and Carlo Brievo handbags. A targeted focus of casual everyday wear to offer women, modern and elegant tailored garments, beautifuly styled outfits and combinations of everyday ware utalising outstanding fabrics and exceptional quality together full accessories of hand bags and jewerelly

Both Valda and Carlo have immersed themselves in European fashion for the better part of their respective fashion careers- giving aparal brands Domani and Bojangles a distinctive quality European lookand feel. Accompanying the fashion, icing sugar accessories and Carlo Brievo handbags signify carefuly selected jewelley and handbags available online and in store.

With their own stores and internet sites The London Group offer a distinct point of differece to other retailers, with high end runway fashion, using only the finest fabrics and manufacturing processes, all whilst maintaining their affordable prices.

For more information and to shop online visit:

Bojangles  www.bojanglesfashion.com.au

Domani www.domanifashion.com.au

Icing Sugar www.icingsugar.com.au

Carlo Brievo www.carlobrievo.com.au