About Us - Our People


Our people are what makes us successful and different to others, they are highly valued and the reason for our success and growth. The hard work and creative minds of our employees is an important contributing factor to the development and prosperity of London Projects. No matter what position is held within the company, we collectively celebrate our wins and reward the hard effort of those who help drive them.


Our employees have adaptive and inventive solutions to improving our business practices on both a small and large scale - with new age problems comes new age solutions. We encourage our staff to be problem solvers and thinkers whilst equally applauding those who can work to the model we have built.


London projects is built on a strong belief and central philosophy of employee satisfaction. We believe that with great attention and focus on our people; the business will naturally prosper and grow.


Similarly, this belief is reflected toward our customers; the life blood to our business. Our success is directly related to the exceptional customer service provided by our employees every day. This extends to not only our retail staff, but more broadly our office and customer care team to our couriers and warehouse personnel. We ensure that from every angle, our team is trained and ready to excel in their respective roles both individually and as a team.